For when you're ready to learn to dance

Many people fall in love with Argentine tango. They take classes and maybe some workshops. But what happens when they go to a milonga? They try to implement the patterns that they learned, and find out that for any of a myriad of reasons, they can't dance. They crash into other people, forget what step comes next, and get generally frustrated.

That's where we come in. We work with people who really want to learn how to dance What does that mean? On the surface, it seems simple. Moving to the rhythm of the music with your partner. But in reality, a lot is involved.

How do you get to that level? By understanding the underlying concepts of all parts of the dance--from something as simple as the tango embrace, to the music, to the interaction between partners. We are in a unique position to do that.

A little history

We had been dancing for 6 years before we had the experience of meeting Carlos Gavito. After taking one class, we realized he was teaching something unique--something real. We decided at that point to ‘unlearn’ everything we knew and start learning again from scratch. Over the next year, I had the unbelievable opportunity of watching him teach private lessons every day for 6 months at his insistence. More importantly, we became great friends. Carlos was the person who strongly encouraged (OK, told) us to open our tango salon in 1997.

Over the next 6 years, we became students and friends with many of the top teachers in the world--Facundo and Kely Posadas, Nito and Elba Garcia, and many others. We also taught many hundreds of students the concepts we learned, as well as our own insights into the dance. As a matter of fact, several of the teachers in Chicago as well as around the US (and even one in Buenos Aires!) have been our students.

But teaching is one thing. Dancing in the real world is another. We traveled to Buenos Aires many times to dance, and observed the last of the true milongas with the old milongueros. We are proud to say that we were accepted in the milongas not meant for the tourists.

What students say

What we say means nothing without confirmation from others. This is a sample of quotes taken from unsolicited e-mails we received from our students after taking classes with us.

“Thank you very much for the FANTASTIC class this week. (My boyfriend) thought I had taken some drugs afterwards, I was so energized after the lesson! You guys kick some major butt!!”

“(W)hat a wonderful time -- and fascinating learning experience -- our lesson was. I learned more than I realized, and day by day the implications of your and Kathleen's teachings are becoming clear.”

“Since I am not a natural dancer, I very much appreciated your teaching style and your patience with me. I do expect to be dancing for many years to come.”

“Please be sure to give Kathleen a special thanks from my partner, she so much liked having her as a teacher and was commenting just last night at how beautifully and elegantly she dances.”

“Our heads haven't exploded, but our eyes have been opened.”

We can share our decades of experience dancing authentic, salon style Argentine tango to a select few. We have limited openings in our schedule for new students. You will learn what you need to take yourself to the next level of dance.

Bob and Kathleen

Private instruction in Chicago with Bob and Kathleen